Frontiers Metal Festival


The History of Metal Festival

The United Kingdom and the United States take pride in the inception of a metal music festival.

 Black Sabbath is the founding band.

The heavy metal band, as its commonly known, was developed by Dick Dale. Others refer to him as the father of metal music.

The hard and loud music they played gave them a boom in fan base within months. The electric guitar was the unique component of the festival.

After gaining popularity in these continents, several other countries took center stage, for they saw the varied audience it attracts.

The branch of rock music uses several music instruments at a go to produce the thrilling music associated with the festival.

If you can’t see a music instrument in this festival them probably the piece of equipment doesn’t exist.

Some fans, say “metal music festival is a place to showcase all your music equipment.

Several groups came to existence after the initial launch. The following bands boast of associating with this much-hyped event.

In case you have no idea of what we are talking about, then listen to Helter Skelter. This is the hard-hit song that defines this music genre.

Listen to its guitar tone and drum beats. Its uniqueness attests to the fact that this is a piece of music in another class.

The touch of both modernity and tradition in music production and song makes it relevant in contemporary society.

The Facts about Metal Festival

  1. Provide an opportunity for young bands to showcase their talent

The number of bands associated with the frontiers metal festival helps young bands to throw themselves to the world of music at a higher level.

If you are looking for upcoming groups to work with them, you need to attend this festival; you will be spoilt for choice.

  1. Attracts a larger audience

A broad audience is one characteristic of a frontiers music festival. It’s an event with a lot of planning and marketing.

Since time immemorial, the functions are attended by millions of fans, each with different reasons for attending the said event.

  1. An excellent platform to promote your music

The power of music is to have an increased fan base.

Although digital technology helps a lot achieve this objective, when looking for physical interaction with your fans all at a go, the frontiers metal festival is the place to be.

You can’t regret the amount of money you spend to get a slot at the event. Moreover, it gives you a chance to sharpen your piece of music.

  1. Plays old school music

Metal music started in the late 1960s and early 1970s. You know the kind of music played during this period.

It was slow and fast music with a lot of energy.

It is the sole reason why the youth find it relevant to their taste as much as it was played decades before they came to this planet.

  1. Incorporates different cultures and subcultures

Unlike other music genres, metal music incorporates many religions and subcultures. 

Other things associated with frontiers metal festival when it comes to culture include

  • Preaches hate for material things
  • Encourages disrespect to authority
  • Supports individualism
  • Promotes resentment
  • Speaks badly about the middle working class

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