How to Protect Your Valuables When Attending a Metal Music Festival

The most glorious time of the year is the festival season. It gives you the opportunity to watch and hang out with your favorite artists. People look into the weather, the status of the facility, how to pack right and performance of their favorite acts. However, they forget to handle theft.
Statistics in the UK indicate that larger festivals experience the highest rates of theft with about 16% of attendees being affected. Every festival goer, according to Aviva, brings along costly electronics such as cameras and smartphones, including at least $1000.
The chances of being a victim of theft, according to Policy Expert survey, is high at the largest festivals.
Heavy metal festivals were the safest at the time of the survey.
Since 2016, the number of crimes reported at festivals dropped massively. Reports show that theft was the highest crime reported at the Glastonbury Festival. However, the figures dropped to 67 from 90 cases reported in 2017.
Festivals have become more secure. However, it’s still essential to prepare for eventualities and keep abreast with the latest and savviest ways to keep your valuables safe at festivals. Follow safety advice to the letter.

Ranging from spreading out your valuables to keeping an eye on the people around, there’re many ways to keep your stuff safe. Here’re a few tips to get you started:

5 Ways You Can Protect Your Valuables at a Music Festival

Keep an eye on those near you

Make sure there’s always someone near your stuff. This could be you or someone from your group. Members of your group can take turns to check on your belongings or tent.
Take about 5 minutes break in turn to check on your valuables. When around your camping area, take note of those loitering around your tent or belongings. This is key to identifying likely thieves.
If you feel you suspect anything, move to a new location or let someone else know. Walk behind those carrying backpacks to spot pickpockets.
Keep your valuables inside zipped pockets that aren’t easily noticeable. Additionally, make your location easily identifiable at night using battery lights, décor colors, balloons, etc.

Make friends with your neighbors

Introduce yourself to nearby groups upon arrival or when setting up your tent. An interesting aspect of attending metal music festivals is meeting new people and making friends.
Talk to your neighbors to share the festival experience together. After getting to know all your neighbors, you’ll know when a stranger invades their space while they’re out.
If that happens, ask the stranger a direct question to notice their reaction. The likely thief will realize that you’re suspicious about their intention. Your neighbors will do the same for you.
For instance, you can share the experience of grilling food when back at your tents. You may bring a portable offset smoker with a stick burner to use at your camp site.Make sure you even  stay safe by using grill gloves  as you share barbecue with your neighbors.

Store your smartphone and wallet in the front pockets

Opt for bags and backpacks with zippered pockets. Keep your phones and wallet inside the front pockets to ensure they neither slip out nor get snatched. However, the front pockets reduce the risk of your items getting lost.
You’ll notice if something drops or someone tries to access your front pockets. Cargo shorts with buttons (unlike zippered options) aren’t easy to manipulate, making them an alternative for keeping your wallet and phone.
Keep an eye on your phone just as you’d do with your wallet. And, when taking photos or using it, have a good grip on it to prevent thieves from snatching it off your hands.

Get yourself a locker

Most festivals worldwide offer a locker to help attendees store their valuables. Although you have to pay for the lockers and they’re usually small, you can use them to keep your essential items.
The lockers are usually kept in secured areas with specific personnel assigned to take care of the lockers.

Make it difficult to steal your things

You can also spread out your items, including cash, to make it difficult for all your items to be stolen at once. You can keep different items in different places. And, store your things in your sleeping bag at night.
Attach alarms or anything that can go off to your zippers. This will notify you if someone tries to open them. Take a photo of where you park your car to help you find it easily later on. But, don’t keep your valuables in the car.
Keep your tent disorganized, insure all your valuables and report anything that’s lost or stolen.

While working hard to keep your items safe and secure, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the unique experience at the festival. And, make new friends.

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