Metal Music Festival

“Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

About the Festival

When looking for nightlife with a difference, then never miss the This is an event with an exciting and memorable experience.

The live bands, the dancers, reveler who dance their heart our is just an example of what goes on behind the dance halls.

The old school kind of music attracts unique music bands you have never met before.

Moreover, the type of energy on the dance floor is way out of this world.

One advantage of the metal festival is that it attracts all generations from the young to the old as much as the music from the late 1960s.

Frontiers Metal Festival was founded years ago to give various bands a platform where they can perform. Audiences also get to listen to their favorite bands, those they’ve never heard and bands they’ve always wanted an opportunity to see.

Over 200 bands have performed at the metal festival and we’ve helped them gain a presence worldwide through continuous promotions.

The festival is unique and one of a kind. At Frontiers Metal Festival, we work hard to ensure that young bands get an opportunity to present to a wider audience.

About Us

Dedicated to new and promising bands, the festival usually traverses more than a day to ensure that each band gets to play and perform.

The metal festival often takes place at an intimate outdoor venue and sells at least 10,000 tickets. We ensure that metal fans get to see their favorite band acts up close and personal in an entertaining city near them.

With several bands performing, the festival gives unrestricted access for live shows that run until sunrise. We also setup bars and give fans access to workshops and clinics with their favorite metal musicians.

We don’t set aside special seating for VIP fans. This means that everyone who attends our festival is a VIP.

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